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We feel that packing is an extremely important part of our services. Being proud of our quality, we pack it in a way so as to ensure that our end user gets the same quality that started out from our production site. All the packing process is done under the supervision of experienced staff and only quality material is employed for the purpose. Given below is a typical packing specification
Wooden crates:
  • Wood :- For product size 40 * 40 (Cms.), no. of wooden pieces used for making one crate = 44 pieces. (approx.). Special emphasis is laid on the quality of wood.
  • Impact protection (optional ) :-Materials like thermocol and foam are used to provide impact resistance to the product.
  • Plastic :- Plastic sheet wrapping is provided on the inside as well as over the crate on the outside. This insures protection against moisture as well as provides a fair degree of scratch resistance.
  • Labeling & Marking :- Stone details are distinctly displayed on the crate with size dimensions.
Quarantine procedures:
Thorough Knowlege of Australian Quarantine procedures.Due care is taken to fullfill each and every quarantine standard. Our office correspondent in Australia and UK ensures that there will be no hassle due to Quarantine procedure negligence.