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Top Frequently asked questions

  • What exactly is sandstone? How is it formed?
    • Sandstone being a natural stone is formed over a very long period of time, (thousands of years, normally) and is found in large masses on the oceans floor. Sandstones are sedimentary rocks and are formed naturally from many materials found in the earth’s surface. We here at Brisbane Rock Sales extract sandstone from the Yangan and Helidon regions.

  • What are the advantages of natural stone?
    • Natural stone displays magnificent aesthetic qualities, and is available in many finishes and textures. As such, this makes it suitable for internal and external situations. Stone products are pleasing to the eye and display a unique characteristic. Stone can also assist in providing a more luxurious feel to an area and in doing so make a property more marketable and therefore valuable.

  • Can I use sandstones on a heated floor?
    • Natural sandstone is an excellent conductor of heat and will work over a heated floor element.

  • Can I use a sandstones around a pool?
    • Depending on chlorination methods, certain stones may not be suitable. It is best to refer to one of our experienced sales staff for more detailed information.
      It is recommended that all natural stones should be sealed.
      It is recommended to seek advice from suppliers of all products used for every application.

  • What is the right way to clean sandstone?
    • Sandstone are natural which means they are subject to erosion, fading and losing color if exposed to any harsh cleaning chemicals available on the market. If you want to clean your sandstone flooring or wall, just wipe the area free of any dirt. Afterwards all you have to do is mop or wash the particular area with warm water and that’s it! That is all you need to do to clean sandstone the right way and remember, no harsh chemicals!

  • Should I expect variation in stone products?
    • Yes, variations are inherent in all natural stone products and are considered part of their natural characteristics. No two tiles are identical. Consistency of colours, shade, pattern or veining is random and therefore must be expected.

  • Do you offer Sandstone delivery services?
    • We do offer sandstone transportation and delivery services. Although the transportation charges have to be paid by the customer acquiring the services, they won’t have to acquire separate transportation services to move their purchase. You can focus on the rest of your work not worrying about the moving process of your sandstone. We just need a little detail about your area, such as street width, unloading destination and your delivery address and the rest is taken care of by our expert loaders and movers.

  • Can sandstone be used indoors as well as outdoors?
    • Sandstone is a porous stone capable of holding water inside, which makes it useable indoors as well as outdoors. It can be used as flooring for your porch as well as for paving your garden. Sandstone can be used to many purposes and it all depends on the type of project you are working on. Using sandstone indoors is just as viable as using it outdoors.

  • What Sandstone products and services do we provide?
    • Whatever your Sandstone product needs are, we can surely help you. We offer a wide range of products including:
      Sandstone blocks and boulders, Sandstone retaining walls, Bush rocks, Sandstone tiles and pavers, Sandstone bricks and garden edging, Sandstone steps, Sandstone sculptures, Sandstone letterboxes, Sandstone seats, Sandstone decoration pebbles, and transportation for your Sandstone orders.
      We can cut Sandstone as per your order or needs.

  • I don’t know much about sandstone but I am interested in purchasing it. Can you help?
    • Of course, we can. At Sacheti Exports, we provide top quality customer services. You can visit our website and refer to other FAQs for any questions. If you still have any unanswered questions you can get in touch with us at +91 - 9425117838 or you can Enquire us through website.
      We feature an online products with details that can help you choose the right kind of sandstone for you. Once you pick something you like, our customer services department can answer any of your questions regarding the size, color, finish and even provide a FREE quote for your particular project. You can also fill an contact form to request a call-back from one of our staff members.
      Once your order is ready, you will be notified and you can request for delivery for your purchase at your desired address whenever you want.

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