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We have quarry rights in "Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh". thus making it possible to acquire the ‘raw’ in other qualities that may be of interest to our customers. With the legislation becoming stricter on mining activity, we are advantageously poised for a market where supply is bound to take a downward turn. Our System is geared for excellence in QCDA - Quality, Cost, Delivery and Quick addition.

We also take this opportunity to categorically aver that we employ no child labor. We are working as per ISO-14000 norms to achieve greener &safer working place.

Our Quality Policy:

Quality and customer service are our foremost concerns. We employ the most efficient and modern machinery to process the stones. We follow rigid quality control procedures, from the quarrying stage to the packing stage. Our products can conveniently be matched to other premium building materials & can be imaginatively laid out in exquisite patterns & innovative color combination for dramatic effect. Our product quality is updated with high level of professionalism of the mason, who are kept up to date by means of external & internal training courses that guarantee product quality.

  • To Provide value products which satisfy customer in Quality, Reliability, Performance and Durability.
  • To strive continuously to improve quality through KAIZAN, approach carrying out innovation, leveraging technologies and competencies.
  • We are committed to produce and supply products of best quality as per product standards for customer satisfaction.

Objectives (To Achieve Through ):

  • Implementation of ISO Quality Systems.
  • Continuous improvement by imparting training & KAIZAN approach.
  • Improve productivity and reduce rejection.
  • Optimum utilization of resources.
  • Doing things right first time and every time.


Our strength in infrastructure & quality assurance gives us distinct advantages. With our offices / store houses in various countries like Australia, U.K. etc we can offer rates & delivery at your backyard. We have exclusive rights at quarries of sandstone, limestone, slate stone. Our calibration plant is capable of producing items to meet the high precision requirements of any project. Our major advantages include faster inventory, less capital tied up in inventory & low total life cycle cost and this results in increased profitability.

Our multicolor slate mines are spreaded in an area of about 57 hectares with monthly production capacity of 15,000 - 20,000 sq meters. of different tiles and slabs in various sizes.